Consultation – ERP & Business Applications

We offer professional consultation for ERP evaluation and selection for your business. We have team of specialists in a specific line of business, such as finance, or an industry vertical like manufacturing, retail, trade and services. We provide consultancy services for selection, implementation, training and support of ERP/ Business Applications. We tend to give you good advice, listen to your needs and tell you hard truths when necessary.

When dealing with customers, we remember that there might be difference between stakeholders’ objectives and key user’s needs. Most decision makers will tell you that their priority is time and budget, while key users will mostly think in terms of specific features to develop. As these objectives contradict each other, we have to decide; who do you want to satisfy?

We always do what you think is good for the project, that means challenging what key users request, to the point of refusing to do it if you think it’s not worthwhile for the project. Trying to satisfy key user’s demands by doing everything they ask is a very short-term mindset, it’s better to focus on the on the project’s success.

We use the following framework to deal with it:

-Is it really necessary?

-Is it worth supporting the cost (of developing and maintaining it)?

-Is the gain significant enough?

-Can we serve the same objective, with a different approach?

Consultation – ERP & Business Applications