Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

iTech Resources is known for its expertise in implementing Accounting Applications including Odoo Accounting Module. In addition to a diversified set of direct cliental, we also provide our services to other Odoo Partners, especially the services related to Odoo Accounting Module. Some of the areas where IT experts seek advice from the Qualified Accountants with Odoo experience, like us, are as follow:

  • Required structure of Chart of Accounts COA

  • Required levels of accounts in a COA

  • COA settings based on nature of business

  • Use of Control Accounts in COA

  • Configuration of required set of Journals

  • Configuration of required set of Analytical Accounts

  • Accounts Type setting

  • Account Tag setting for cashflow statements

  • Configuration of Taxes and related accounting

  • Configuration of Financial/ Legal reports

  • Inventory valuation and accounting configuration
  • Accounting module/ COA settings in complex scenarios (mulit-company, multi-currency etc)

  • Payroll accounting/ accounts configuration of rules

  • Customizations of accounting module/ apps

  • Customization of accounting workflows and user rights

  • Customization of Accounting Reports

  • ERP training of Accountants

  • Go-Live support of accountants